You have enough on your plate. Leave the recruiting to us.

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right talent quickly can be challenging and feel downright impossible. That’s where omo comes in. Our turnkey recruitment service delivers best-in-class talent to staff your office at an affordable price with the fastest turnaround time.

Welcome to the future of independent medicine.

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Better Hires, Lower Risk

Costly recruitment and high turnover are some of the biggest threats to healthcare success. The time and money invested in a job search can take valuable energy away from patient care and other responsibilities practice owners already struggle to protect.

With omo, you can rest easy knowing our renowned recruiting experts have successfully staffed independent physician practices of all sizes for over 25 years. Here’s how we help you grow.

Recruitment Intake Session

We kick off the recruitment search with a 20-30 minute meeting to tailor a hiring strategy to your needs.


Once you approve your custom strategy, we review your requirements with our recruiting team to ensure alignment on delivery expectations.

Candidate Sourcing

A high-quality applicant pool is crucial for a successful candidate search. omo uses expert-level sourcing strategies designed to find quality people who fit your unique company culture, skill requirements, and growth needs.

Candidate Screening

Our recruiters conduct in-depth screenings to validate work experience, career goals, role-specific knowledge, and licensure/certifications.

Behavioral-Based Interviewing

We want to give you the chance to get to know your potential hires. Our team provides high quality insights and proven behavioral-based techniques to ensure you lead your interviews with confidence.

Candidate Presentation & Selection

The omo team will present a minimum of three qualified candidates. You perform final interviews for each and select the best fit for the position.

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