Vaccine Discount Program

Unlock acute care savings up to 30% on routine vaccines

Physicians face high costs and minimum order requirements when attempting to acquire vaccines. Get access to an exclusive Vaccine Discount Program that simplifies the complex and costly process of procuring vaccines so you can focus on what you do best.

Benefits of omo’s Vaccine Discount Program


Access to acute care pricing at up to a 30% discount on list price.


Online pre-book feature to ensure sufficient supply prior to flu season.


Vaccine supplier contracts for increased access to lower quantity vials, single-dose vials and prefilled syringes.


Supplier-specific web-based platforms to order 90%+ of your routine vaccine needs.

Our Vaccine Discount Program Partners

You only want the best for your patients. Our suppliers are among the leading health organizations in the field who are pushing the field of medicine forward. With direct access to suppliers and a variety of committed and non-committed programs to choose from, you can design a program that works for your practice, no matter the size.

Sanofi-Pasteur, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and providers of vaccines, is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in a performance-based program designed for independent physicians.

GSK is an industry leader in developing vaccines and specialty medicine. The GSK Vaccine Discount Group Program provides eligible facilities the opportunity to earn discounts on GSK vaccines based on their ability to achieve outlined performance metrics.

Merck has been researching and creating vaccine solutions for over 100 years. Our Sanofi and GSK Committed tier programs include access to Merck’s entire portfolio of vaccines.

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