You care for your patients, we care for your practice.

We deliver solutions for the independent physician that transform practice profitability, reduce risk, preserve autonomy and save time.

After 25 years of delivering cost savings for our 1000+ members, our business has evolved. We have expanded from a single group purchasing organization to a multidimensional solutions provider to solve your most challenging practice needs.

Why omo?

Being an independent physician is difficult. Reduced reimbursements, increased administrative burden, high operating costs, complex employer regulations – all mean less time, less money, more pressure and work-life imbalance. What if there was a company whose sole focus was to help independent physicians thrive?
Meet omo.

We make every dollar count.

Imagine having the same buying power and negotiating leverage of a large hospital or health system. Say goodbye to comparison shopping and aging payer contracts. Our financial solutions enable you to maximize profitability while giving you back your most precious resource – time.

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We take care of your people.

Happy staff makes happy patients, which is why our HR experts are wholly focused on the health, wealth, safety and happiness of your people. Now you can attract and retain talent like never before, giving your practice a leg up against the competition.

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We keep you secure and connected.

The one constant in technology is that it is ever changing. With growing complexity and cyber security risks, modern IT is beyond the capabilities of practice staff and the hourly IT guy. We protect you and keep you connected while monitoring for key innovations that transform patient care and practice efficiency.

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We prioritize your well-being.

A healthy community starts with healthy physicians. Our whole health approach keeps physicians and their staff physically and mentally healthy in fun and engaging ways that prevent burnout, improve acuity and create enriching connections that fulfill personal and professional lives.

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omo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hoag Health, who has always been dedicated to the success of the independent physician. Hoag has remained an advocate for the preservation of independent medicine for over 70 years.

When Hoag’s legacy of world-class care and the power of omo meet, the result is enterprise-level tools that allow you to run your practice, your way.


At omo, we are passionate about the power of independent medicine and the positive impact it has on our communities. That’s why we built a company dedicated to preserving the independent physician. Everything we do is about making practicing medicine easier and bringing true joy back to patient care.

We believe in independent medicine

A healthy healthcare system should include a diverse mix of large systems and community physicians working in partnership to deliver first-rate care.

We believe in making medicine personal again

Modern healthcare has become impersonal. But the best care happens when doctors can form a trusted relationship with their patients over time.

We believe in caring for those who care

Doctors are human, too. They require care and nurturing to prevent burnout and ensure they’re living balanced, joyous and meaningful lives.

Welcome to the future of
independent medicine