Group Purchasing Program

Save up to 30% on medical supplies you already buy

Time and money are an independent physician’s most valuable resources. With our Group Purchasing Program, you unlock access to discounts on a variety of practice essentials. Accelerate your practice profitability and reclaim time for what matters most.

Leverage the Enterprise Purchasing Power of Hoag and Healthtrust

As a subsidiary of a nationally recognized healthcare system, omo can save you money on over a million products from best in class suppliers. With the power of Hoag and Healthtrust combined, you enjoy a guaranteed 10% savings (up to 30%) on medical and surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and more.

Save on over a million products from 2,000+ suppliers

Savings Categories

Medical/Surgical Supplies & Equipment
Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines
Office Supplies, Equipment & Furniture
Telecom & Wireless Services
Lab Supplies
Janitorial Services
And Much More

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