Human resources made easy

Stay current on federal, state, and local regulations and make it easy to tackle even the most complex compliance challenges.

Keep your practice compliant and employees engaged

Take the guesswork out of HR and compliance so you can focus on what matters most — your patients.

Prebuilt tools and templates

There’s no need to start from scratch. HR calculators, compliance checklists, document creators, customizable forms and more are all a click away.

Built to reduce your risk

HR documents are vetted by the legal team to ensure they reflect the latest laws and regulations. Each one is built to help reduce your risk of penalties and lawsuits.

Extra help when you need it

Get 1:1 guidance on HR laws and regulations. Simply reach out to your dedicated account manager to connect instantly by phone, email or online chat.

Scalable to meet your needs

Our HR platform is scalable, adapting seamlessly to meet your evolving needs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

It can be easy to neglect HR with everything else you have to do. But if you wait too long, the costs can be high.


Noncompliance costs 3x more than the average cost of compliance efforts.

Source: Ponemon Institute


Organizations lose an average of $29,600 each time a good employee leaves.

Source: CareerBuilder


Nearly 8 in 10 organizations are spending more time than ever on new and expanded compliance issues.

Source: Mineral

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As a practice leader, you know the importance of a routine check-up. omo’s complimentary HR Assessment will help you analyze your practice’s HR health and identify areas for improvement.

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