Join us for a workforce strategy discussion and whisky-tasting seminar

Workshop: Risky/Whisky

Reimagine Your Workforce Strategy and Elevate Your Knowledge of Japanese Whisky

Irvine, CA
Tuesday, June 20th @ 5:30 PM PDT
Risky/Whisky is a unique experience where guests will sample and learn about Japanese whisky, and discuss HR and workforce strategies to address the ever-evolving healthcare staffing landscape.


In recent surveys, staffing continues to rank as a top concern for practice leaders. In this event, we’ll look at current trends and workforce strategies from health, wealth and HR experts. Guests will also enjoy an interactive discussion and tasting of Japanese whiskies and a curated cocktail hosted by a local expert. Dinner will also be served. 


This is an exclusive event open to omo members and local independent practice leaders. Guests must be in a position of oversight and direct influence of the practice’s employee benefits program. Guests must be 21 years-old or older.